Gadgetry [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Gadgetry:

There’s a list a mile long of sleek gadgetry that promises to revolutionize the gritty work of conjuring food from the land.

Any piece of consumer gadgetry is made up of many components from an array of manufacturers.

Hes interested, too, in the future superduper gadgetry, as this hilarious yarn attests.

There was only one desk but it was efficiently equipped with the latest in office gadgetry.

Trigger saw a long, low, plastic-covered table, clamps and glittering gadgetry.

As has been indicated, the Signal Corps used all six systems, a panoply of gadgetry which must have been wondrous to behold.

The two medics seemed determined literally to wall him in with gadgetry.

Gadgetry to come, as repeatedly demonstrated by Verne, is easy.

He'd beaten the boys, not with scientific gadgetry or trickery, but at their own game.