Gaff [noun]

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If with the Vice-Admiral he will hoist a white flag at the end of the gaff or derrick, and fire two guns.

When he would have the fleet come to an anchor, he will show double Dutch colours at the end of his gaff and fire a gun.

The bowlines on the luff of the gaff topsails should be particularly noticed as a feature of this period.

Unfortunately 'Meteor' and 'Iverna' were not competing, the former having damaged her gaff.

We've picked up a guy out of an ice gang that's willin' to stand th' gaff, but we need another one.

The captain got his glass, and climbed up to the gaff of the foresail.

Personally I belong to those who gaff "under," and have always found it much easier than the other.

I must not omit to mention the gaff and the landing-net, most important parts of the angler's outfit.

Jack-yard: A small yard used to extend the foot of a fore-and-aft balloon topsail that extends beyond the end of the gaff.

Hanging on to the gaff was as hard as climbing out on it, so, perspiring and fearful, he made another shuffle.