Gaffer [noun]

Definition of Gaffer:

male head

Synonyms of Gaffer:

Opposite/Antonyms of Gaffer:

Sentence/Example of Gaffer:

So you ken what it means, when a gaffer carries on like that, an' the man is saft enough as weel as the woman being willin'.

"I have no time for gossiping," mumbled Gaffer Grebe, with his mouth full of building material.

Gaffer; an old English word, but with a peculiar application in Ireland, where it means a boy, a young chap.

I came to Gaffer and Grannie Cressidge as they smiled at each other when eating the apples and bread.

Outside a shuttered pub a bunch of loiterers listen to a tale which their brokensnouted gaffer rasps out with raucous humour.

That last question seemed a settler, and the wisdom of Gaffer Solomons went down fifty per cent.

He was quite a character, used to live completely alone, and was known in the district as Gaffer Patience.

Who would think of coming to Gaffer Patience to look for this fine child of noble blood?

Mac, an indifferent gaffer under the most favourable circumstances, now surpasses himself in the fields of incompetence.

Mine host, old Gaffer Moon, smiles down upon the ashes of my camp fire, full-faced and silver.