Gaga [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Gaga:

If you do this,” Gaga replied, “I promise to return to you and submit to be bound again, if I come out of the conflict alive.

Gaga did not respond at once, and the keen point of a knife came in contact with his throat.

Gaga was beside herself; she woke up and was very indignant.

They assaulted Mr. Shaw and searched his rooms which had already been searched by Gaga.

Sir Arthur is quite gaga and took me for George the whole evening.

One is old and gaga, his ancient fingers splayed on the ground to support him and his face puckered with the petulance of age.

Look here, Gaga, don't you think that women are terrible tyrants?

Sally's brain clicked an impression, and she listened to a stammering from Gaga which aroused her contempt.

Sally had taken something in to Madam, and was waiting her judgment, when one door opened and Gaga came in.

And that was how it happened that Gaga overtook her at the front door, and stood with her for a moment upon the doorstep.