Gages [noun]

Definition of Gages:

security for a loan

Synonyms of Gages:

Opposite/Antonyms of Gages:

Sentence/Example of Gages:

Ce gage d'amitié plus qu'un autre me touche: Un serrement de main vaut dix serments de bouche.

I fancied that, had he dared, he would have leaped into the room and taken his own part—and who could rightly gage what that was?

Governor Hutchinson was superseded by General Gage, who was sent out with four regiments.

People were by no means distressed, for they believed that Gage would soon take his revenge.

It should therefore have been Gage's first care to shut the insurgents out from those positions.

The act was enforced to the utmost, and small as Gage's force was, it was sufficient to keep the town in subjection.

When Gage went out to enforce the repressive acts neither he nor those who sent him thought that his task would be hard.

Gage began to fortify Boston Neck and brought in some guns which might otherwise have been seized by the people.

On the 26th Gage sent a detachment to Salem to bring in some guns, but the people removed them in time.

Meanwhile Hutchinson was recalled, and Gage was appointed governor of Massachusetts as well as commander-in-chief.