Gags [noun]

Definition of Gags:

practical joke

Synonyms of Gags:

Opposite/Antonyms of Gags:


Sentence/Example of Gags:

The movie was bursting with brilliant visual and verbal gags that paid irreverent tribute to Universal Studios horror films such as “Frankenstein” with Boris Karloff and “Dracula” with Bela Lugosi.

The gags come in hard and heavy with the kind of pop culture references you’d find in a Dreamworks 3-D animated movie, which make me wonder if the game is better suited for children.

These letters, which are the subject of ongoing constitutional disputes in federal courts, allow the FBI to include a gag order with demands for data—barring the company from even disclosing the existence of such a request.

It is critical for the Kenyan government to look to its own policies and increase budgetary allocation for sexual and reproductive health services so that they cushion the impact of the global gag rule.

The initial indications are that, at least to date, publishers are underwhelmed by the economics and offended by the gag order.

Braceway had made the trip to gag Morley, to see that he didn't uncover something which, after all, Morley didn't know—and I did!

They may buck and gag you, as they ought to, 'bout every day, but that won't be nothin' to the welting one of us 'll261 give you.

Bumper felt a tickling sensation in his throat, and he wanted to gag, but the bill prevented him.

The tickling went on for some time until Bumper, in spite of himself, began to gag and retch.

"'Cause I remember that coat gag now," said Al with a far-off look.