Gained [verb]

Definition of Gained:

acquire, win

Synonyms of Gained:

Opposite/Antonyms of Gained:

Sentence/Example of Gained:

With him one is at high pressure all the time, and I have gained a good many more ideas from him than I can work up in a hurry.

Renounce the good law of the worshippers of Mazda, and thou shalt gain such a boon as the Murderer gained, the ruler of nations.

They don't seem to think there would be much good gained by begging for special favours through routine channels.

Quickly he gained a sofa by the window and dropped down upon it, watching, listening.

It was by popularizing tobacco in France that he gained a lasting fame.

He had no conception of the use of the other arms of the service, and never gained even the most elementary knowledge of strategy.

But her attention was all absorbed by the swiftly executed act by which Garnache had gained at least a temporary advantage.

The latter maintained their ground, but no important advantage was gained by either party.

Thus he gained the future Emperor as his life-long friend and Murat as his life-long enemy.

"He fought many battles and gained them all," and was for a brief period king of the country.