Gainful [adjective]

Definition of Gainful:

very productive, profitable

Synonyms of Gainful:

Opposite/Antonyms of Gainful:

Sentence/Example of Gainful:

He went to business school at the University of Chicago, spent 19 years working in finance and then gave up gainful employment to work for Humanitarian China, which he co-founded in 2007 to provide aid to families of political prisoners in China.

Gainful corporations have no such power unless it has been granted by their charter or by statute.

The proportion of the population engaged in gainful occupation at the present time is significant.

For hospitals are not engaged in a gainful pursuit, regardless of all humanitarian considerations.

These convicts were transported by private shippers, and then sold into the colony; and thus it became a gainful enterprise.

Roughly speaking, Great Britain has twenty million persons in gainful pursuits.

The industrial woman should stand unqualifiedly for the exclusion of children from gainful pursuits.

Gainful pursuits were opened up to them, adding training in ordered occupation and self-support.

No gainful views his bounded hopes could sway, No wanton thought led his chaste soul astray.

Of necessity the great mass of boys are at this age, forced to enter some gainful pursuit.