Gainfully [adjective]

Definition of Gainfully:

operating at a profit

Synonyms of Gainfully:

Opposite/Antonyms of Gainfully:

Sentence/Example of Gainfully:

Professor Channing may, we trust, name the books in each collection in the order in which they may be most gainfully read.

The agricultural population—including the families of those gainfully employed in agriculture—in 1882 constituted 42.51 per cent.

In Eastern cities, a large number of the blind are gainfully employed, and new avenues of usefulness are being opened to them.

From all over the island men came for practically every purpose for which human beings can gainfully meet.

What, then, are the fortunes of some of these multitudes of women gainfully employed?

At that time one in every 5.6 Negroes ten years of age and over gainfully employed was in domestic and personal service.

Sixty-two million people are now gainfully employed, compared with 51 million seven years ago.

Over ninety per cent of those gainfully occupied are unorganized.

To toil honorably, and perhaps gainfully, in behalf of the Republic!