Gaining [verb]

Definition of Gaining:

acquire, win

Synonyms of Gaining:

Opposite/Antonyms of Gaining:

Sentence/Example of Gaining:

Rather, as it’s done many times over the years, the chip industry will get creative with the design of its core product to realize gains for another decade.

Stocks were cruising to another day of gains on Wednesday when the Fed went and spoiled the party—well, spoiled it for most stocks not named Apple.

The market’s huge gains have been slowing in recent weeks, and many investors say the easiest gains have been made.

While crediting liberalism for leading to the gains of the modern feminist movement, LGBT rights and the civil rights movement, it suggests almost total victory was reached in those fields by the end of the 1980s.

Whether you’re a start-up or a long-time business, your current budget influences your future financial goals and gains.

These trends are likely to continue and even accelerate, and as further gains are made in gender equality and access to education, one of the biggest knock-on effects we’ll see is fewer babies.

Those gains are tenuous, though, endangered by rising case counts across the country that have already forced some types of businesses to close again.

The gains from such specialized chips are already being felt.

Not only do the physics behind these performance gains start to change as we approach atomic levels, but the costs quickly become prohibitive.

They’ve shown that shortchanging your shuteye can lead to both weight gain and poor performance in school.