Gainsaid [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Gainsaid:

I ne'er heard yet that any of these bolder vices wanted less impudence to gainsay what they did, than to perform it first.

It was hard to make clear what the mate meant, but all to a 22 certain extent understood, and no one ventured to gainsay it.

There was that about me to stir surprise; with those 14 generous days so long gone by, I will not gainsay it.

"I cannot gainsay your statement," the Count de Montego said.

It would seem that he could not gainsay her words, for he made no reply.

It will be the child's first ball, and I cannot gainsay her.

She had had an idea that real ladies were "nasty," but Miriam was not nasty, and who could gainsay that Miriam was a real lady?

She was after all a sort of nurse and waiting-maid, though she had a fine dignity about it that even Elizabeth could not gainsay.

Even the Medici could not gainsay a summons signed 'Elizabeth' and emphasised by one of her Majesty's ships of war.

And I care not to gainsay them, for it is close enough to the truth, and few know that I had so nearly a hand in the matter.