Gala [adjective]

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There were several private event bookings, the annual fundraising gala, and gift shop sales through a partnership with a local retailer.

In 2016, I attended an American Alpine Club gala with leaders of the outdoor community.

Not all nonprofits can afford to hire events professionals to throw their galas, though Chenault mentions this industry is underutilized by nonprofits.

Say “charity gala” and what immediately comes to mind are men in suits, women with pearls, and a stuffy hotel ballroom with a dance band.

Over the past two years, Time has held high ambitions of expanding its Time 100 awards program from a magazine special and a gala to an events and membership franchise.

I intended to meet you at Oakland and take you directly up to Lumalitas, where everything was to have been in gala array.

Thus, on April 15, 1112, the bourgeois merchants and artisans of the city of Laon were in gala since early morning.

One evening the court was to attend a gala performance to be given in the Tuileries.

But the great gala-days were the theatrical performances which took place twice a week.

Shining silver buttons set off a coat which plainly belonged to his gala suit.