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Certain galactic environments could rev up cosmic ray particles to more than a PeV, scientists suspect.

The key is to work as a team to command the crew and get the most out of your galactic adventure.

So, while the Parkes telescope was nominally pointing at Proxima Centauri, literally hundreds of thousands of other galactic stars were also present in the field of view.

For decades, most astronomers believed that the North Polar Spur was part of the local galactic neighborhood.

It roughly traced the locations of some 300 instances of splattered star guts known to astronomers, clustering in the galactic disk and especially near the center of the Milky Way.

Then the clouds just happened to deposit some of their stars into orbits that would eventually form part of the galactic disk.

In contrast, less massive blue stars live longer and therefore could have reached the galactic periphery from elsewhere during their lifetimes.

Exoplanets closer to the galactic center pass through denser dark matter, so they should glow hotter with infrared light.

In April, researchers spotted a similar radio flash here in the Milky Way, right in our galactic neighborhood.

FRB 200428 is only a 30th as strong as the weakest extra-galactic FRB on record, and one-thousandth the strength of the average signal.