Galled [verb]

Definition of Galled:

upset, irritate

Synonyms of Galled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Galled:

Sentence/Example of Galled:

Galled by this burden, they resolved to take the law into their own hands, and to break down the gates in every part.

Finally his discourse galled Judge Lynch, who thereupon resolved to turn the laugh against him.

So he stooped and put the gyve in his bosom; and the rough iron galled him as he went, and his bosom bled.

But finding soon a smoother road beneath his well-shod feet, The snorting beast began to trot, which galled him in his seat.

He had been so used to being perfectly frank with her that his reservation galled him.

He avoided showing his antipathy, and was conscious of feeling galled that his partner, Robson, was behind the secret of it.

The merchant was galled by the trading restrictions and the heavy taxation.

But, galled and stung by a sense of my follies and demerit, I strove to throw the blame on others.

He was, however, so maimed by rheumatism and the fetters which had galled him that he ever afterwards went lame.

First the pack, as packs sometimes will for no visible reason, developed a kink that galled his shoulders obstinately.