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The Clark, located on the fringe of Williams College in the Berkshires, combines a distinguished set of galleries with a major research institute and a conservation center.

The photo galleries and “mindless ads” served by Taboola at the bottom of many publishers’ pages are “not the best user experience,” the second executive said.

To the left of the main gallery is a model sun flanked by globes, also motion-activated.

“The idea is pretty simple — anyone is welcome to leave a piece, take a piece or just have a look around and enjoy what’s inside,” said Milrany, a painter who runs a small, appointment-only gallery featuring her works.

Scroll through the gallery to see 10 celebrity couples who played it cool before going public.

In an alliance with the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, Verizon will provide help for some of the museum’s most famous artworks to be rendered digitally in three dimensions in virtual galleries.

The House also made the visitor galleries available to members for voting this week, including a special plexiglass-enclosed area for members who are isolating due to contact with covid-positive individuals.

“Enslaved” is one of four large paintings on unstretched canvas that hang freely rather than hug the gallery wall.

In addition to a restaurant and cafe, it featured an art gallery and bookshop.

Before the internet arrived, we read novels in books and stories in magazines, listened to music on the stereo or radio, watched movies in theaters and shows on television sets, and looked at images in museums, galleries, or art books.