Galley [noun]

Definition of Galley:

a ship

Synonyms of Galley:

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Sentence/Example of Galley:

And as fast as they could carry a galley of type from the dump, another galley would just materialize there.

He therefore fitted five out of near thirty small prizes to accompany him, and built a galley frigate to land with.

Among the bones a few galley halfpence, and other coins, were found, as also a considerable number of abbey counters or jettons.

The floor was littered with paper and proofs; on the desk a slip of galley proof lay.

Heavy seas washed the deck, and kept out the galley fires, so that warm food had not been procurable.

Galley-foist may be the name of some dress of the period, so-called for its resemblance to the gaily bedecked Mayors-barge.

I don't know how she stands it, for even I, who've got a pretty strong stomach, draw the line at the galley.

At noon dined at home, and I by water down to Woolwich by a galley, and back again in the evening.

Stevey Todd came out of the galley to tell him his mangoes were no good, so as to get up an argument, and Cuco laughed.

But outside the galley he's a backward man and caution's his motto, and in argument he's, as you might say, a gradual man.