Gallivanted [verb]

Definition of Gallivanted:

run around, gad about

Synonyms of Gallivanted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Gallivanted:



Sentence/Example of Gallivanted:

In fact, what he wanted her to do, he said, was to gallivant—to gallivant all day long.

But when fortune favored him, Mr. Gallivant didn't bother with musty old law books.

He put his soul into it, and when Mr. Gallivant's soul got into anything it straightway began to hum.

Mr. Gallivant's soul was in many respects similar to a Corliss engine.

It must be owned that in the privacy of his office this conclusion brought something very like a frown upon Mr. Gallivant's brow.

Mr. Gallivant slid into his overcoat, prinked up his scarlet tie, and walked breezily into Wall Street.

"Oh, I've been around," answered Mr. Gallivant, with a general wave of the hand.

Mr. Gallivant's office in the Equitable Building saw less and less of him.

They had now reached the broker's office, in which Mr. Gallivant was presently ensconced at ease.

Mr. Gallivant's fingers began to itch viciously, and the perspiration broke out copiously under his thick red hair.