Gallows [noun]

Definition of Gallows:

place for hanging

Synonyms of Gallows:

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Sentence/Example of Gallows:

It is far from evident why Soulis escaped with imprisonment while Brechin and others were sent to the gallows.

He missed no opportunity of thwarting and damaging the Government which had saved him from the gallows.

The evening previous he tried to poison himself, but lived to be stoned and hooted by the populace on his way to the gallows.

Once they hung a father and son, whose sole offence was their loyalty to the Government, on the same gallows.

Unknown or distant sufferings make less impression upon people than the erected gallows, or the example of a hanged man.

Therein Hakon gained the victory; moreover Harald was taken prisoner, and Hakon had him hanged upon the gallows.

It is a book, woman, that should be in the hands of every Christian, especially such as die upon the gallows.

On the 5th of January, 1715, we are told that sixteen rebels “were hanged upon Gallows Hill, for high treason and conspiracy.”

His body was afterwards carried to Gallows-green, where, after being hanged up for some time, it was interred.

He halted immediately, caused his dragoons to erect a gallows, and then beat to arms.