Galoot [noun]

Definition of Galoot:

elderly person

Synonyms of Galoot:

Opposite/Antonyms of Galoot:


Sentence/Example of Galoot:

But the old man wanted his son to be a business man, not a crazy, piano-playing galoot.

Why, thars been a galoot around Tintacker ever since Spring opened.

I talk like a galoot when I get talking to feemale girls and I can't lay my tongue to anything that sounds right.

I don't propose to make a jumping-jack of myself for some galoot to give me the laugh, but we'll walk around.

Old Jack didn't hev no relatives, so he hed a right to make any galoot his heir.

I mean that there must be a penalty, such as will stop a galoot that has once offended from doing the same thing again.

I 'd like to run a blaze on that ornery galoot that he 'd remember all the rest of his life!

The ugly galoot, who dared to raise his eyes only to the pear, was Mr. Lincoln himself.

I reckon I was only thet long-legged, red-headed galoot from Texas.

Now who is that lankylooking galoot over there in the macintosh?