Gambler [noun]

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For parents willing to take a gamble on a gift not turning up in time for the festive season, the NextMaker Box is slated to deliver monthly hardware projects and coding courses designed to keep young minds engaged.

The Cardinals’ path here started with a visionary gamble at the franchise’s nadir, a bet that they could peek around the corner at where the NFL was headed even as they reached the bottom of it.

Perhaps one of the greatest design gambles Ridder has taken was installing lavender hexagonal ceramic tiles from Mosaic House in the entryway of the house that she and Pennoyer designed for themselves in New York’s Dutchess County.

In dark times like these, skiers are accustomed to envisioning the bright side, because by its very nature, skiing is a gamble on an unknown future.

The offers are a gamble that if the mobile-service providers cover the cost of the phones over a two-year-plus payment schedule, subscribers will be inclined to sign on for higher-priced unlimited plans.

But you are a gambler and so am I. I will play you for those documents against twenty-five thousand francs.

A good gambler never cares whose money he spends or how much he loses.

Always a gambler, Long had tumbled into the legitimate million-dollar business accidentally.

That style of gambler is no longer seen in society of a certain topographical height.

Diard was, therefore, not a mere commonplace gambler who is seen to be a blackguard, and ends by begging.