Gamboled [verb]

Definition of Gamboled:

tumble playfully

Synonyms of Gamboled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Gamboled:


Sentence/Example of Gamboled:

At his feet gamboled a dwarf that squeaked and screeched, distorting its face in hideous grimaces.

The dog barked, ran back, returned and gamboled about her, and at last entered the house.

Did you ever hear that Plato gamboled through the alleys of Athens?

Some of the Lilies gamboled back to shiver over the fires, but even they were beginning to droop.

These animals gamboled in the river by day, but never failed to remember to come up to Naliele for their suppers of milk and meal.

The dogs leaped and gamboled around her, and she put them down with vague, kind gestures.

Brush wavingly aloft, he gamboled along at top speed, just a stride or two ahead of the pursuing bull.

When in the room, the animals frisked about, and then gamboled and romped in the most lively way.

The children gamboled on the grass, and played a thousand tricks to amuse us.

About her gamboled a pet lamb, and above, a soft blue sky was flecked with fleecy white clouds.