Gambols [verb]

Definition of Gambols:

tumble playfully

Synonyms of Gambols:

Opposite/Antonyms of Gambols:


Sentence/Example of Gambols:

Usually in high spirits, he often displayed a boyish playfulness that resembled the gambols of a big good-natured dog.

The scheme of Christmas gambols, which Mr. Chainmail had laid for the evening, was interrupted by a tremendous clamour without.

The man would sit and watch our gambols for hours without moving a muscle.

The grandfather, looking on his gambols, smiled, but was presently sad again.

The grandfather, who was busy in his work-shed, stepped out from time to time smiling to watch her at her gambols.

Then the sun went down, and in a few minutes it grew dark, while the brilliant fire-flies began their nocturnal gambols.

She stood beside Miss Laura for a long time, watching the calves, and laughing a great deal at their awkward gambols.

Every second I anticipated an assault, and the knowledge of my fears lent additional fierceness to its gambols.

Though haughty in manner, she was mild in reality, and after a time she and her sister indulged in 'innocent gambols.'

It was such a night as the elves select for their gambols, and for a long time I gazed intently at the dark blue expanse above me.