Gambrel [noun]

Definition of Gambrel:

building covering

Synonyms of Gambrel:

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Sentence/Example of Gambrel:

The Star and the Crescent have fitted up one room under the gambrel very tastefully.

The Old Gambrel-roofed House could not boast an unbroken ring of natural objects encircling it.

The appearance of the hind-part of the cow, from a point near the gambrel-joint up to the tail, Guenon calls the escutcheon.

On and still on I sped, the big, bright pumpkin slipping up and down the gambrel of my spirited horse at every jump.

Two large windows, one in each end of the gambrel roof, afforded light and air.

A weathered gambrel has a way of looking at home in the fields, a sort of boulder-shape firmly settled.

The gambrel roof appeared before the eighteenth century and was commonly used in New England farmhouses.

The next roof-form, built from early colonial days, and popular a century ago, was what was known as the gambrel roof.

The gambrel roof had a certain grace of outline, especially when joined with lean-tos and other additions.

It was quite an old frame-building, two stories high, with a gambrel roof and tall chimneys.