Gameness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Gameness:

What he lacked in size he made up in grit and the men secretly respected his gameness.

Sam saw me catch this bonefish, and he was as amazed as I was at the gameness and speed and strength of so small a fish.

Mr. Hampton was a thoroughgoing sport, and no quality was quite so apt to appeal to him as dead gameness.

Somehow the sight of this brought back to him that abiding faith in her "dead gameness" which had first awakened his admiration.

Both of the Dinsmores had a reputation for gameness in a country where the ordinary citizen was of proved courage.

He had been brought up in an outdoor school which taught that the rock-bottom factor of a man's character is gameness.

The conditions were quite favorable to compare their gameness, but I was unable to perceive any difference in this respect.

He felt for June the reluctant admiration gameness compels from those who are constitutionally timid.

One quality they all had in common, the gameness to see out to a finish anything they undertook.

The filmy wreath represented the acme of dare-devil recklessness, the final proof of gameness in John Beaudry's son.