Gamester [noun]

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G was a gamester, who had but ill-luck; H was a Hunter, who hunted a buck.

Where the cards are so well known, they are only fit for a cheat, and no fair gamester but would throw them under the table.

Because if you are, warned the ruffled gamester, youd better cut it out.

Have I not succeeded in being written in Rochelle as a drunkard and a gamester?

I must go to my work; 'tis "The Gamester" to-night; I wish it were over.

At the theater the play was "The Gamester," for my benefit, and the house was very fine.

He was an inveterate gamester, and was involved in pecuniary embarrassments.

Certainly, he was a bold gamester who thus threw upon the table a trump card of such importance as the precious ticket.

It is the language of a losing gamester, and is treated with deserved contempt by a successful rival.

Perhaps the preacher could imagine no greater misery for the gamester than a heaven in which there were no cards.