Gamin [noun]

Definition of Gamin:

person who is poor, tattered

Synonyms of Gamin:

Opposite/Antonyms of Gamin:

Sentence/Example of Gamin:

Now began what she called her literary school-boy life (vie d'ecolier litteraire), her vie de gamin.

Little cared for by his father, he was brought up by his grandfather, a tailor, who let him roam the streets as a gamin.

Master and dog were hustled outside the gate and into a rabble of jeering slum gamin.

"Neither Georges nor the Dragon are honest souls enough to trust themselves with their cups," said the knowing gamin.

She has been scolding me, though if it comes to that I gave it her back with far more gamin in my tongue.

I borrowed Jimmie from the firm and the little gamin kept tab on Bothwell.

But the gamin was petticoated and the burlesque scenes set in a comedy.

She is pert, with a look of the gamin about her as she points a derisive finger in direction of her royal lover.

I thought that my little scamp (mon gamin) was in danger, so I looked everywhere for him.

There are times when Strawinsky comes into the solemn conclave of musicians like a gamin with trumpet and drum.