Gams [noun]

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Agamogenesis, a-gam-o-jen′e-sis, n. reproduction without sex, found among lower animals and in plants.

Jee Gam, whom many of our readers will remember in connection with his visit East four years ago, is the Secretary.

Bore flaute pertinacis, fœdamque tempestatem, quam excicre gam ceperat, glomerante.

Jee Gam explained to him that he could do that as a Christian, without worshiping his father.

Rev. Jee Gam, with his large family, has several rooms as a sort of parsonage.

For instance, Gam-ut the lowest note then recognised in the scale, is called 'the ground of all accord.'

Whangam, hwang′gam, n. a feigned name of some animal, invented by Goldsmith.

And nowhere will you find better listeners than at a dog-watch "gam" on a ship's forecastle.

They wor tellin' it at th' 'Red Cat' tother neet, bod I could hardly hear for th' gam at wor afoot.

He made a smoking ruin of the dwelling of his countryman, Sir David Gam, and thereby made him an implacable enemy.