Gangling [adjective]

Definition of Gangling:


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Sentence/Example of Gangling:

Look a that gangling country jay, he muttered in Osgoods ear.

The second of the three was a gangling kid who probably never gave me a second look, let alone a third.

Yet there were times, now he was come to a gangling fourteen, when Luke's philosophy threatened to fail him.

His wide mouth opened with a grin of pleasure; he came forward with gangling strides.

A gangling youth in the latter's employ was on the buggy seat and he recognized the Foam Flake first and his driver next.

One day a young swamper, a gangling lad of twenty, raging and weeping, threw himself upon Reivers like a cat upon a bear.

The gangling youth for the first time showed an intelligent interest in anything outside of his cigarette.

Dots man was a gangling young fellow with a covered basket from which he was selling sugar cakes made into fancy shapes.

The tall Rogan teetered up to the prisoners on his gangling legs, and stared icily at them.

With pain-dimmed eyes he glared at the gangling, hateful figure that gazed down on him with icy eyes.