Ganglion [noun]

Definition of Ganglion:

center of activity

Synonyms of Ganglion:

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Sentence/Example of Ganglion:

There must therefore be an isolated ganglion in front and two ganglia, close to each other, about two-fifths of an inch back.

Do they actually wound with their dirks the ganglion whose influence is to be done away with?

Do they confine themselves to lodging their drop of poison on the ganglion, or at all events in its immediate neighbourhood?

A cinder enters the eye, the report reaches a ganglion, a motor impulse is sent forth, and the eyelid closes.

A single ganglion represents the nervous system, placed between the two apertures.

Ah, you terminus and ganglion of the inland roads, we hope in you for a pleasant inn and happy company.

I a, I b, I c represent three cells provided with them and placed in the positions they occupied in the ganglion.

In the next stage special bundles of nerve-fibres become very conspicuous in the ganglion.

The anterior root joins the posterior at some little distance below its ganglion.

An enlarged portion, which may conveniently from its future fate be called the spinal ganglion.