Gangplank [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Gangplank:

She stood at the base of the ship's gangplank, against what sun still washed the horizon.

The gangplank swung out as I stepped on the deck, the air shrilling with the chirp of whistles and the creak of pulleys.

As soon as the gangplank was run out, Mr. James boarded the vessel, and coming up to them introduced himself.

I wonder if your Dr. Morgan saw Hans' footprint on the gangplank or the print of his thumb in a booking-office, or what.

A slender young man in a green jacket and cream-colored slacks was standing near the foot of the gangplank.

The three men walked down the gangplank, Marina happily bringing up the rear behind the officer.

They shook hands with the customs men and the medicos who trotted up the gangplank, led them inside to the main salon.

All I can remember is going up a very wide gangplank into a big black opening about 20 foot square in the side of the ship.

A number of ship's officers had the man on his feet and were half dragging him, half carrying him to the gangplank.

Running across the gangplank, with a firearm in each hand, Major Starland bounded up the few steps leading to the upper deck.