Gangway [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Gangway:

“Ali Khan” was about to guide the ekka along the rough gangway when Mohammed Rasul interfered.

The slings were affixed, the order to hoist was given by the mate, who had descended from the poop, and stood near the gangway.

We followed him up the companion onto the deck, and joined the crowd that awaited the releasing gangway.

Accordingly Mr. George and Rollo went aft again, and approached the gangway on the side where they supposed the boats would come.

So Rollo marched up to the gangway, and was in a moment whirled down into the boat, as the others had been.

“Gather in on the lee main-tack, my lads,” said the first-lieutenant, going to the lee gangway to see the duty performed.

Some boats were ordered to be lowered with an idea of their coming around to the gangway doors to complete loading.

But I hadn't got to the point, when Monson came lounging up the gangway, still acting apologetic.

As often as one looked, during the whole morning, there was a line of men in the act of ascending the gangway.

Up another gangway enough cordite to blow up the whole of Liverpool was being gingerly carried in small cases.