Ganja [noun]

Definition of Ganja:

grass, pot

Synonyms of Ganja:

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Sentence/Example of Ganja:

Little did the worthy sage of Ganja dream that this would come literally true.

How could I, a poor seller of ganja and bhung, have dreamed such things of Tannajee and Sivaji?

Ganja, the guaza of the London brokers, consists of the flowering and fruiting heads of the female plant.

Ganja is met with in the Indian bazaars in dense bundles of 24 plants or heads apiece.

Next morning he feels intoxicated, as if he had taken ganja (Cannabis sativa), and remains in that condition all day.

In the Northern Circars, some earn a living as petty dealers in opium and ganja (Indian hemp).

Ganja, gan′ja, n. an intoxicating preparation of Indian hemp.

Ganja is the native name for part of the plant, and Sidhi for another part, which is much poorer in resin.

Some of the more esteemed kinds of hashish are prepared from this ganja.

Next morning he feels uneasy and intoxicated, as if he had taken ganja, and remains in this condition all day.