Gape [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Gape:

All the way we see people of so many kinds we have never seen before that it is difficult not to stand still and gape.

We gape, we grasp, we gripe, add store to 10 store; / Enough requires too much; too much craves more.

Once more the wedge was driven to the heart, until again the sides were spread a-gape.

Moulder, Gape, and Snengkeld together could not make him pay for wine he had neither ordered nor swallowed.

"In commercial rooms, as the gentleman must be aware, the rule is as stated by my friend on my right," said Mr. Gape.

But Mr. Gape was apt to make long speeches, and therefore Mr. Moulder interrupted him.

Sycorax could not, proceeded Prospero, undo what she had done; it was his art alone that made the pine gape and set him free.

The human body being rounded, the tendency of these edge-sewn rings would be to gape and thus give an opening for the weapon.

When bivalves gape on dying in water, or if the ligament be broken, the valves should be closed and tied together.

All that may be done is already carried out, for we have stuffed the gape with sails and corded it without and within.