Gaped [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Gaped:

In the walls of the ravines black holes gaped, for caves 303 were almost as numerous as springs.

They chatted while the natives gaped until the jiggly, two-wheeled carts clattered toward them.

He stared at her—'gaped', she told him some time afterwards.

The porch of that house was part covered with vines, but they was kind of gaped apart at one corner.

At last Little Chicken lifted his head, opened his beak, and gaped widely.

To the left, a fortified gate gaped on emptiness; to the right, a mill-wheel hung in the stream.

The merciful veil was torn from his imagination, his soul gaped to the knowledge of death and of direr things that precede death.

The man on the dais heaved up to a sitting position, and the fisherman gaped at the full extent of his size, thus revealed.

It bayed and widely gaped at the sire of magic song:—long it howled.

Gaped at the bait the foe of gods, the encircler beneath of every land.