Garbed [verb]

Definition of Garbed:

fit with clothes

Synonyms of Garbed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Garbed:

Sentence/Example of Garbed:

The Maker of Sounds was garbed in an all-enveloping white burnous and a white skull cap.

The slender strangely garbed Terran might be of the same blood as his own, but he was as great an enemy as Those Others!

Full moonlight fell on the armor he was garbed in and made it, as well as the high helmet with waving plumes, glitter brightly.

She stood over him, slender, and simply garbed in a blue calico dress and a blue calico sun-bonnet.

Through the iron palings they could see a white-garbed figure walking with measured tread amid the shrubs of the frozen garden.

Return to your own black-garbed folk, and injure the Mother no longer with your lack of understanding.

The car must stop at every crossing while the dark-garbed crowds, enveloped in maelstroms of dust, hurried before it.

Down from the lower branches of that accursed oak dropped the lithe figure of a man garbed all in gray.

For Merle was garbed in corduroy, and the bagging trousers were stuffed into the tops of heavy, high-laced boots.

She condescended to approve of my appearance when, an hour later, I came downstairs, garbed in my best.