Gardeners [noun]

Definition of Gardeners:

vegetable grower

Synonyms of Gardeners:

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Sentence/Example of Gardeners:

Like many gardeners in northern states and Canadian provinces, she has learned to extend the season by growing hardy veggies under covers.

It comes from a legacy brand with a reliable design that gardeners have tested and approved for decades.

Behind the ring of planters, there is an inner “catwalk” ring that gardeners can use for inspecting and caring for the plants.

Desert plants hate the dampness that gardener’s call “wet feet,” because they’re used to living on such little water.

Their potting mix is no exception—it’s also a great choice for indoor or outdoor containers gardeners, and is chock full of helpful plant nutrients to help your plant babies blossom, and stay fertilized for three months.

A little boy of two years and one month was once asked to give a lot of old toys to the children of the gardener.

"It was the gardener's dog," said Nigel, letting himself down into his chair with a sigh of satisfaction.

I thanked the gardener again, putting a few coins into his hand, and made my way to the address he had given me.

Meanwhile the holy women and the gardener tarried about the bleeding corse.

Robin the gardener brought up the rear, his body all shaking with his infirmity, and showing the divine stigmata on his hands.