Gardens [noun]

Definition of Gardens:

cultivated plants, flowers

Synonyms of Gardens:

Opposite/Antonyms of Gardens:


Sentence/Example of Gardens:

Zoological gardens and “wild beast shows” had for him attractions which were quite irresistible.

Most Korean gentlemen had private archery grounds and targets in the gardens near their houses.

Early on the following morning, I accompanied Count Berchthold to the botanical gardens.

A people that continually provoke me to anger before my face, that immolate in gardens, and sacrifice upon bricks.

The hills that formed a cove of the great valley were bright with their houses and gardens, but very quiet.

It is skirted by houses and gardens and is a valuable acquisition to the town.

Guildford Keep stands at this day in gardens belonging to the Corporation, and free to all.

In the gardens we found a large blue hydrangea very common: the fuschia is the usual hedge.

The Chinese admire this flower so much, that they have ponds dug in their gardens expressly for it.

These dwarf trees are very prevalent in their gardens, and preferred to the most magnificent and shady trees of a natural size.