Gargle [verb]

Definition of Gargle:

rinse the mouth with liquid

Synonyms of Gargle:

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Sentence/Example of Gargle:

Telling him he would send in a gargle and a cooling draught, and that he was to go to bed soon, Duffham rose to leave.

Thus, under the similitude of a game, I have seen children confronted with the horrors of arithmetic, and even taught to gargle.

And at the first definite sign that either is developing, increase the frequency of the gargle.

Being non-poisonous, good for a gargle as well as for external use, it is superior to many other antiseptic washes.

We always have to gargle with salt water, at home, when we have sore throats.

A good gargle for scurvy of the fauces and pharynx, vulgarly called the inward scurvy.

An antiseptic gargle of equal parts of Borolyptol and warm water is an excellent mixture.

Meningitis had broken out in the camp and every one had to gargle his throat first thing in the morning with salt water.

Salt and water is used by many as a gargle, but a little alum and honey dissolved in sage tea is better.

For a gargle for sore throat, put a pinch of chlorate of potash in a glass of water.