Gargoyle [noun]

Definition of Gargoyle:

large wild animal; brute

Synonyms of Gargoyle:

Opposite/Antonyms of Gargoyle:


Sentence/Example of Gargoyle:

We’ve seen a bunch of schools change their names — and in some cases adopt nightmarish gargoyle replacements — in recent years, but there are still 45 high schools across the United States using the Washington Football Team’s former name.

She held it out at arm's length, her tightly-coifed, gargoyle-head on one side.

It was a gargoyle of his own making, meant for the vestry door in the south transept.

I want to sketch you for a gargoyle—a melancholy one this time.

Harsh gargoyle face that warred against me over our mess of hash of lights in rue Saint-Andr-des-Arts.

However that may have been, Noyes is rich in ancient lattice and stained glass, and curious lead-work and gargoyle.

The snow-cap on the brink, with the water gushing forth from under it, has much the appearance of a gigantic alabaster gargoyle.

A huge gilt clock face shone below the upper gallery, at each corner of which sprang a stone gargoyle.

He works till midnight and sleeps in the church porch; and then comes the storm and the doings of the gargoyle.

From between set teeth came now a flow of oaths and imprecations as steady as the flow of water from the gargoyle overhead.