Garishness [noun]

Definition of Garishness:

exhibitionism, flashiness

Opposite/Antonyms of Garishness:

Sentence/Example of Garishness:

There is a general garishness of appearance about many of them.

It seemed to Madden that he had been in the heat and brilliant garishness of the Sargasso for centuries.

The sequins lose their garishness; the painted faces preserve an illusion of reality.

He despised all garishness and affectation, and was usually full of his theme.

A bright light not only chases the shade from its aisles and recesses but also shows up the garishness of its glass.

It warmed into intense white the little temples of the wayside, and beat on our heads with tropical garishness.

Think of a lot of over-dressed creatures flouting those severe outlines and deep-toned distances with frippery and garishness.

A lamp, burning with unusual and illegal garishness, gives me light enough to examine my watch.

She had behind her garishness a gift for sympathy and a keen intuition, delicacy, and allusiveness.

The castle had as yet yielded to him nothing that he had not seen before in the distraction of company and the garishness of day.