Garnering [verb]

Definition of Garnering:

collect, accumulate

Synonyms of Garnering:

Opposite/Antonyms of Garnering:

Sentence/Example of Garnering:

In the garnering of the red harvest did our men and women of the sixties maintain themselves with a proper decorum?

When the shower came it did not last very long, and there were many difficulties in the way of garnering the thrice blessed water.

The community had been unconsciously garnering something over-individual and over-historical for its future use.

There is no "work" save in the fields garnering crops, for which no wages are paid.

The present was to be spent in garnering facts; the future must take care of itself.

It was glory, indeed, but the glory of early autumn, the garnering of the shock of corn in full season.

In them it is sometimes a question of a house, sometimes of corn, oftenest of cutting oats or of garnering pears.

The grocery business commends itself warmly to the French genius for garnering halfpennies.

The women do no other work except at harvest time, when they assist in gathering the maize, and garnering it.

And this merchant is but a type of thousands of Japanese who are daily garnering knowledge.