Garnishment [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Garnishment:

The filing fees are low, the courts rule in plaintiffs’ favor when defendants don’t show up and once a district has a judgment, it can return to court to seek a garnishment of a parent’s wages or, in some cases, their assets.

Although the federal agency instructs employers to cease garnishment, companies must take action to end it.

On paper, Randall Ward would seem to be well-insulated from garnishment.

Change the map into a steaming roast turkey by adding the lines to form the wing, the "drumstick," the garnishment and the plate.

The Roman god of wine, frequently invoked in the garnishment of Latin and Italian speech.

Now we know that garnishment is transcendent brightness, and brilliancy; to adorn and polish surface.

There is also exemption from levy on execution, attachment, or garnishment sixty per cent.

The following personal property is exempt from seizure or sale on any execution and from attachment or garnishment: 1st.

Current wages for personal services are not subject to garnishment.

Where there was a garnishment given touching a plea of land, a writ of deceit is also maintainable.