Garniture [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Garniture:

“Allons—dites lui les noms de toute la garniture,” said Madame de Fontanges to her attendants.

The trees cast aside their long-worn garniture of green, and flaunted proudly in gorgeous robes of gold and crimson.

This dish may be made more attractive in appearance if a few of the finest berries are saved and used as a garniture.

Here nature begins to assume a ruder aspect; and the silken bands of love gives way to the rustic garniture of war.

Every kind of tree has as marked individuality in its icy garniture as in its summer foliage.

Mushrooms and lemon in slices may be added to the garniture.

Water cress has a pleasant and highly pungent flavor that makes it valuable as a salad or garniture.

Boil the sauce in the pan ten minutes, turn it on the chops, put a garniture of vegetables around, and serve.

Dish the pieces, strain the sauce on them, and serve with a garniture of cabbage, or with any purée.

It is also served with a garniture of mushrooms or onions, or with a macédoine, or on a purée of spinach, or of sorrel.