Garrulousness [noun]

Definition of Garrulousness:


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Sentence/Example of Garrulousness:

Like many talkative people, Mr. Cater developed a way, when you counted upon his garrulousness, of suddenly becoming silent.

This is one of the reasons why, despite his astounding garrulousness, the readers of his books are never wearied.

For an instant Gregg thought an extra cocktail on the way uptown was the cause of his garrulousness.

You don't know what rancour means, or fixity, or garrulousness.

You have neither garrulousness nor ridicule to fear from me.

His puerility and garrulousness in his later writings are often intolerable.

Though you had the wisdom of Newton or the wit of Swift, garrulousness would lower you in the eyes of your fellow-creatures.

His protracted fits of almost dogged silence are, however, relieved by equally abnormal attacks of garrulousness.

A foolish and doting old man is freed from the miseries that torment the wise and has the chief joy of life: garrulousness.

With the garrulousness of the American abroad, he confided his troubles to the entire staff of the hotel.