Gaseous [adjective]

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Imagine, for example, a scattered collection of small, low-cost sensors that detect something — movement, fire, gaseous emissions — within some fixed coverage radius.

Fortunately this situation lasts only a few hours, but it highlights the urgent need for a federally maintained Blue Check Media Emergency Tweet Reserve, similar to the National Helium Reserve, but more gaseous.

As it expands into the gaseous state it absorbs heat, and a temperature of -20 C. has thus been produced.

We may ask, whether this theory cannot be used to explain the connection between osmotic and gaseous pressure.

The constants for gaseous elements represent the constants of the gases under atmospheric pressure.

The potentials given for the gaseous elements represent the potentials of the gases under 760 mm.

The error was, non-observation of an important portion of the actual residue, namely, the gaseous products of combustion.

The composition given is: sulphur, niter, cinnamon and boric acid in gaseous solution.

We live at the bottom of a gaseous envelope—the atmosphere—that is bound gravitationally to the planet Earth.

In its pure or gaseous state it possesses little practical interest.