Gash [noun]

Definition of Gash:

cut made by slicing

Synonyms of Gash:

Opposite/Antonyms of Gash:

Sentence/Example of Gash:

Additionally, defending the run is one of Green Bay’s weaknesses, which was on full display in last year’s NFC title game, when the San Francisco 49ers gashed the Packers’ defense during a lopsided win.

And a rampant ache in my head, seconded by a medium-sized gash in the scalp, didn't make for an access of optimism at that moment.

The white gash looked like a wide strip of paper pasted down the stick of ruined timber.

With one incision Balsamo separated the vertebral column a couple of inches from the brain, and opened a yawning gash.

A deep gash in a man's face made him better looking, for it showed that he had plenty of courage.

There was a ragged gash across the back where the bird's beak had torn it, but no blood oozed from the wound.

Another gash was ripped in his arm and something had battered one ear.

He cut a deep gash in the bark of the nearest to him, and went on.

In each of the shorter ones he made one slight gash and in each of the longer ones two gashes.

Its shape surprised White Bear: not a round bullet hole, but a long, narrow gash, surrounded by bruised and swollen flesh.