Gashed [verb]

Definition of Gashed:

cut by slicing

Synonyms of Gashed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Gashed:









Sentence/Example of Gashed:

Not infrequently a fish was caught which, in its long journey from the sea, had been bruised and gashed on the sharp rocks.

Already several had hissed close by him, one had gashed the forehead of his horse, and another had pierced his clothing.

Ugly Space Men, some of them gashed and wounded, crowded about as though bent on destroying the two feeble Earthians.

The thorns gashed his face and body, almost stripping the remnants of his tattered clothes from him.

Its clothing hung on it in tatters, and the exposed flesh was bolo-gashed and briar-torn.

Across this gashed and puckered mirror a dark body was slowly borne by one of the backward currents.

Gashed and dripping, it yet struggled on, attempting to encircle Joyce with its stubby arms.

So furiously did they hew and hack at each other, that their armour was cut and gashed as if it had been rotten wood.

And nowhere has the moon such poignancy Of inundations of light and ecstasy,As on the gashed pathsCarved by my surgical fire.

Gordon felt the blade strike; but he was already pulling his swing, and it only gashed a long streak.