Gaslights [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Gaslights:

If an entire house could gaslight you, Kylie’s house would be doing exactly that, and that makes the movie a perversely relatable treat for anyone feeling like their prolonged confinement is driving them a bit mad.

The gaslight was more than she could bear, she dropped her head again, covering her face with both hands.

Here and there chandeliers were being lighted for the concerts, blazes of gaslight flared among the green trees.

She said if he would only permit the gaslight to remain burning, it would be all they would require.

Their application for admission led to the withdrawal of a bolt, and they stood within the gaslight of the passage.

The drizzle had turned into long gray rods of rain; they streaked the gaslight and pricked the shallow pools unceasingly.

Here, boy (calls boy, and hands him a pile of goods), take these to the gaslight-room.

They cross the aisle and enter the gaslight-room, preceded by the boy, who sets down the goods and retires.

I will gladly show you these goods by gaslight, for I am confident you will only admire them the more.

Under the yellow gaslight her face gleamed excitedly up into his, her breath came quickly.