Gasped [verb]

Definition of Gasped:

draw breath in sharply

Synonyms of Gasped:

Opposite/Antonyms of Gasped:


Sentence/Example of Gasped:

He gasped a few times, then, gathering strength again, went on with that horrible spasmodic recitation.

"You said you would not come till I had taken the world by the shoulders," gasped Leo, falling back.

And his friends gasped at his temerity and trembled for him, not knowing what grounds he had for counting himself unassailable.

Then Weston gasped with sincere relief, for it was clear that they had crept around the perilous corner.

"I am possessed of a fiend," she gasped, going up to the lady and speaking in a low voice, as if afraid to hear her own tones.

"I want you," gasped Garcia, seizing the young man by the arm and dragging him into a private room.

Thyrsis gasped when he saw it, and he gasped many times again while Barry was showing them about.

I gasped for breath while he replied, lest I should perchance have to hear of further misfortune.

I gasped at the monstrous proposition; but Barbara did not seem to detect anything particularly wrong about it.

Then while Jaffery and Liosha gasped in blank astonishment, she swung me abruptly out of the room and slammed the door behind her.