Gasper [noun]

Definition of Gasper:

small roll of tobacco

Synonyms of Gasper:








Opposite/Antonyms of Gasper:


Sentence/Example of Gasper:

Let Gasper play his solo in this part, and Puffin his solo in the best place of the second part of the programme.

I placed the stub of my gasper in the ash tray and lit another, to indicate that that completed Chap.

Yes, every document concerning our claim against Gasper Farrington is missing.

Bartlett, the fellow who was a partner of Gasper Farrington in that wire-tapping scheme.

Gasper de Real died at Paris, author of a valuable work on government.

The Gasper to occupy the chair, faced by Massachusetts Jemmy.

Has Inis told you I wanted to converse with you in private, Gasper?

I have now, then, nothing to trust to but the ingenuity of Gasper.

They got away exactly together, and at a spinning speed, waited on by Massachusetts Jemmy and the Gasper.

One Gasper, who acted as a capper, suggested that Mr. Green make his bet twenty-five dollars.